Student at Taste of Berkshire

Students from Newbury College, enrolled on the T-Level Business, Catering, and Media Studies programmes, joined forces to orchestrate an exquisite culinary event, "The Taste of Berkshire," hosted at the prestigious local hotel and spa, The Vineyard.

The event was project-managed by T-Level Business Students who were encouraged to use the skills they learned on the course and in their workplace. They were tasked with researching gins and designing menus tailored to the occasion. Practising their presentation skills, they presented their recommendations to Catering Lecturer Anthony Millon, who chose the final selections for the event.

Following the menu selection, Anthony collaborated with The Vineyard's Executive Chef, Tom Scade, to bring the culinary vision to life. Tom and his culinary team meticulously prepared and cooked the chosen dishes, ensuring they prepared them to the highest standard.

Throughout the evening, Catering students demonstrated their hospitality skills by serving guests with their meals and drinks, ensuring a seamless dining experience. Meanwhile, Business T-Level students welcomed and engaged with attendees, embodying professionalism and enthusiasm.

Capturing the event, Media Studies students were on hand to utilise their photography skills by taking photos of the event.

"We are immensely proud of our students for their dedication and collaborative spirit in bringing 'The Taste of Berkshire' to life," remarked Rachael Elsey, Head of Department Career Academy at Newbury College. "This event showcases the skills they've learnt while studying and demonstrates their teamworking ability both internally and externally."

"The Vineyard is honoured to have been a part of this unique initiative," said Tom Scade, Executive Chef, at The Vineyard. "Collaborating with the talented students of Newbury College was a privilege, and their passion for excellence was evident in every aspect of the event."

"The Taste of Berkshire" is a testament to the cross-learning collaboration. It demonstrates Newbury College's commitment to providing ‘real-life’ work experience that prepares students for success in their chosen fields.

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