Motor Vehicle, Transport and Logistics

Motor Vehicle (automotive) programmes provide the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles of all kinds.

These programmes cover a wide range of subjects, including engine repair, electrical systems, computer diagnostics, safety procedures, equipment, and tools used in the automotive industry.

Today’s vehicles are very sophisticated and include many computerised and electronic systems. You will gain hands-on experience in areas such as brake systems, suspension, and transmission repair. 

Skilled, well-trained technicians are much in demand. These programmes prepare you for careers in various fields, including automotive repair shops, dealerships, and other vehicle service facilities.

Meet our students Jacob Starling-Marwick

Jacob Starling-Marwick

I joined Newbury College because I want to become a mechanic, the course really appealed to me.

Motor Vehicle

Meet our students Joe Bevan

Joe Bevan

I’ve always been interested in joining Newbury College, working on cars is my passion. I have particularly enjoyed all the time in the motor vehicle workshop.

Motor Vehicle

Meet our students Lawrence Booker

Lawrence Booker

“I am really interested in Motor Mechanics which is why I chose Newbury College. I enjoy the working on vehicles in the workshop.”

Meet our students Phoebe Mitchell

Phoebe Mitchell

I chose to study mechanics at Newbury College as it offers a range of practical work to take part in. I enjoy problem solving and practical subjects and my course is ideal for that. So far my favourite part has been doing an engine rebuild, where we get given an engine and have to strip and rebuild the whole thing.

Motor Vehicle