Performing Arts

Partnering for professional performing arts training.

We believe in equipping our students with the best skills and experience necessary to access a career or higher education programme in their chosen field, so our Performing Arts programme is provided in partnership with Kingsclere Performing Arts College.

Our partnership with Kingsclere Performing Arts College ensures students receive exceptional dance, singing, and acting training from highly dedicated industry professionals.

Emphasis is placed on maximising future employment opportunities by focusing on a wide range of skills relevant to a career in the performing arts, as well as engaging in specialist workshops and visits with industry partners.


Please note: Performing Arts provision is provided by Kingsclere Performing Arts College, who will process applications in line with their privacy policy. All applications are subject to meeting the programme's entry requirements, including an audition

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Meet our students Harry Ashton

Harry Ashton

I chose to study through Newbury College because the course offered at Kingsclere PA is really specialised. There are a good number of contact hours per week with industry professionals, so the training is relevant and of a high level. The training and skills I’ve learned have given me the confidence to be audition-ready for degree courses.

Performing Arts