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Newbury College takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or any loss or damage suffered by users because of the information published, and such information does not form any basis of a contract between the College and site users.

Up-to-date information will be provided at interview or before enrolment where applicable. If a prospective student is concerned about the specific elements of a course, they should contact the Information Services Team to check the course information before accepting an offer of a place.


Newbury College endeavours to provide a wide range of courses and learning programmes that meet the requirements of the local community and employers. The College aims to provide information on courses at the earliest available opportunity to enable prospective students to register their interest as an applicant.

Some courses may still be awaiting approval from the awarding body. Applicants will be made aware of any significant changes to the status of such provision before enrolment.

Newbury College reserves the right to postpone, relocate, restructure, withdraw or cancel any courses, units, modules, sessions, examinations or other course elements due to the occurrence of any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control. These include, but are not limited to, industrial action, whether on the part of the College’s staff or otherwise, shortage of staff, unavailability of facilities or insufficient student numbers – which varies between delivery methods and is at the College’s discretion).


The fees stated on this website are for guidance purposes only and should be checked before enrolment.

Unless otherwise stated, fees shown are for tuition only, over one term (Community Learning courses) or one academic year. Where a course is longer than one academic year, the fees stated are for the first year, and the cost of the second or subsequent years will be discussed at interview.

The College may receive government funding to support students on particular courses, subject to eligibility. Concessions are only available on the cost of tuition and do not apply to any additional registration, examination and/or materials fees. Where we have been unable to provide information on additional costs, these fees will be discussed before enrolment.

Further information on Fees, Funding and Financial Support


Many courses offered by Newbury College are subject to minimum entry requirements. Entry requirements are primarily based on GCSE/BTEC grades and UCAS tariff points; however, alternative qualifications and experience may be considered. A skills assessment, including English and Mathematics, may be required for some programmes. If an applicant does not meet the entry requirements for their chosen programme of study, alternative provision may be offered.

Individuals applying for programmes in which they may come into contact with children or vulnerable people will have to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. Applicants will be advised at interview if the chosen programme of study requires a DBS check.

If the DBS check comes back showing offences have been committed, the College will carry out a risk assessment to determine whether the offence may cause problems. If this is the case, the applicant will be advised about the implications and always offered advice and guidance. Not all offences are a risk, so the results of a DBS check may not impact on the choice of course. All DBS information is confidential, and only those who need to know will have access to the information.

Newbury College also reserves the right to reject applications from individuals on any programme of study based on the terms set out in the Student Recruitment, Admissions and Appeals Policy.


By submitting an application to study with Newbury College, you agree to the College processing the personal data submitted for any purposes connected with the successful completion of your studies and your health, safety and wellbeing. The information you provide will be passed to the Learning Records Service (LRS) to create and maintain a unique learner number (ULN). By making an application you acknowledge review of the LRS Privacy notice. See our Privacy Notice for further information.


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