Business, Accountancy and Management

Business makes the world go round. It creates wealth. Economies depend on it and the taxes that businesses pay help to finance public services.

All employers value individuals who understand what business is about and how it works, who have qualities like self-motivation and flexibility, and who can work well in a team and communicate effectively. In return there are exciting opportunities, rewarding careers and high salaries for the most successful people.

At Newbury College, the courses have been designed to provide a solid grounding in skills for people who are interested in any kind of business career or hope to run their own business. Students learn to cope with change, how to remain competitive and discover how outside factors such as new technologies, consumer trends, environmental issues or globalisation can affect a business.

The administration courses will help students to play a crucial role in organisations by handling day-to-day tasks and making sure the office runs smoothly. Administrators require a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail because their roles may involve organising people and resources, acting as personal assistants, administration assistants and office managers.

Meet our students Josie Badman

Josie Badman

“I enjoy the social aspects of my apprenticeship for example holding meetings and helping the agents on cases. The units have been relevant to my job role which helps me to ensure that I have knowledge to bring to my workplace.”

Meet our students Natasha Mathias

Natasha Mathias

“I love the freedom I’ve been given in my office environment to work and develop. When I first started, I was given my own set of suppliers to manage and deal with. Since then, I’ve been able to confidently contact them and sort out payments, queries etc. I also enjoy how everything I learn in college reflects my role in the office, helping me to further develop my skills.”

Natasha Mathias, Accounting Apprentice

What can I progress on to?

Management consultants and business analysts

up to £48,880

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Sales accounts and business development managers

up to £54,080

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Business and financial project management professionals

up to £58,240

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