A T Level in Management and Administration is an opportunity to leap ahead of the crowd and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours you'll need to enter your desired career. Throughout the 2-year programme, you will develop a broad understanding and skills needed to enter a range of management and administration occupations.

Meet our students Alexander Harvey

Alexander Harvey

What I enjoy most about the course is the opportunity to go out on placements, spend time in real-world workplaces, learn from guest speakers, and get involved in special projects. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Eva Missanga

Eva Missanga

Due to the wide range of skills we will gain, I could explore quite a wide range of careers. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Harry Suppo

Harry Suppo

I chose this course because it's the equivalent of three A Levels, which can get me into higher study after I go to college in a degree apprenticeship. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Joseph Booker

Joseph Booker

Overall it has been a fantastic experience where I have always felt supported along the way by both my company and Newbury College. More...

Accounting Apprenticeship
Kerridge Commercial Systems

Meet our students Josie Badman

Josie Badman

I enjoy the social aspects of my apprenticeship, for example, holding meetings and helping the agents on cases. The units have been relevant to my job role, which helps me to ensure that I have the knowledge to bring to my workplace.

Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship
Harvey's Insolvency & Turnaround Ltd

Meet our students Julius Baguisi

Julius Baguisi

The best thing about my apprenticeship is being given a project to manage and having an employer that is open to questions and helping me. More...

Degree Apprenticeship in Chartered Manager
OpenText (Micro Focus)

Meet our students Lily Canning

Lily Canning

During the T Level course, we have to complete 315 hours of work experience. It's allowed me to gain new skills, meet new people, develop an understanding of day-to-day operations in an office and try things I've never tried before. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Natasha Mathias

Natasha Mathias

I love the freedom I’ve been given in my office environment to work and develop. When I first started, I was given my own set of suppliers to manage and deal with. Since then, I’ve been able to confidently contact them and sort out payments, queries etc. I also enjoy how everything I learn in college reflects my role in the office, helping me to further develop my skills.

Accounting Apprentice
Donnington Valley Group Ltd

Meet our students Rabya Oli

Rabya Oli

The aspect I enjoy the most about my course is the real-life experiences we get. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Tom Fountain

Tom Fountain

This course hands us many different life and business-based skills that will aid us in most career paths that we choose, such as becoming an entrepreneur, real estate and many more. I personally want to pursue a career in real estate, hence why this course is ideal for me. More...

T Level Management and Administration

Meet our students Will Sandell

Will Sandell

I really liked the look of the T Level course when I came in on my induction day and my induction week. I want to make quite a lot of money when I'm older, and I thought that business is a good way to do that. More...

T Level Foundation Year: Management and Administration

  • Description

    You will develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the sector, including:

    • business context
    • an overview of organisational cultures and values, different types of internal and external stakeholder, different forms of governance and the impact of organisations on society and the environment project and change management
    • an understanding of the common change management theories and models and how to support and improve projects business behaviours
    • the importance of good communication and adapting social communication styles to professional standards and according to purpose, medium and audience quality and compliance
    • the importance of maintaining and improving quality in all aspects of public and private sector organisations In addition to the core content, each student will also complete at least one module of occupation-specific content.

    The specialisms available in the T Level in Management and Administration are: Business Support Business Improvement, Information Management and Team Leadership and Management.

  • Entry Requirements

    You'll need Maths and English grade 4 or above and an interest in business, administration and management.

    An interest in business practices and a desire to work towards a career in a business related context. Good research skills will be an advantage.

  • Qualification

    T Level Management and Administration

  • Progression

    Career options might include working as a business improvement coordinator, team leader or project support. You can also use this T Level to progress to a related higher-level apprenticeship or course of study at a higher level.

  • Assessment

    The T Level assessment combines examinations in the core skills, with a practical skills test for the occupational specialisms developed in practice. Assessments come in different forms, giving you the opportunity to develop key skills and behaviours tailored to your employment. Group work, portfolios, and practical projects set by employers are just a few of the many ways you can show how your knowledge has developed.

  • Home Study

    An average of 3 hours per week.

  • Work Placement

    Your learning will combine classroom theory and practical learning and include 9 weeks (45 days) minimum with an employer on an industry placement. The placement will provide you with real experience of the workplace. You will be assigned a job coach and will be supported in finding a suitable industry placement.

Code Day Start End Times Fees*
TMASUPP 242601 09/09/2024 10/07/2026 - £0

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