Engineering is all around us. It plays an important part in our actions and impacts everyone’s life. It employs around 6.9 million people in the UK and contributes over one trillion pounds in turnover to the economy.*

Engineering programmes prepare you to design, develop, and improve structures, machines, and systems to solve real-world problems.

These programmes cover a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, physics, and computer science. You may choose to specialise in areas such as mechanical, electrical, or manufacturing. You will gain the technical skills and knowledge needed to pursue careers in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and information technology.

World-class engineering requires world-class skills. The success of engineering in the UK is due to several reasons, not least being the development of great engineering innovation and technology: we have evolved from a mass-production nation into a lean-managed, agile, high-value manufacturing/engineering economy.

The UK is acknowledged as a world leader in several engineering sectors: universities, automotive, renewable energy, space, low carbon, aerospace, creative industries, agri-food and bioscience.

Engineering companies are predicted to need almost two million new employees with engineering skills*, creating exciting opportunities for students who want to work in the industry.

*Source: Engineering UK

Meet our students Brandon Drake-Gould

Brandon Drake-Gould

I enjoy the learning experience at Newbury College and the fact that it is a convenient location and has a great atmosphere.


Meet our students Faye Cooke

Faye Cooke

It's nice to be in a working environment, with a good team around, learning new skills, as well as now being able to promote apprenticeships to others. More...

Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

Meet our students Lauryn Bailey

Lauryn Bailey

I've always been interested in the engineering sector and my apprenticeship gives me the ability to further my education and get work experience at the same time. More...

Degree Apprentice

Meet our students Oliver Canham

Oliver Canham

Working with a diverse amount of people from different industries in one place has broadened my knowledge extensively. It is engaging to hear about what they do and play to each other’s strengths when completing group activities. 

Control Technical Support Engineer Apprentice
Thatcham Research

Meet our students Sahi Laskar

Sahi Laskar

I chose to study at Newbury College because I found Engineering an enriching subject, it gives me opportunities that can help broaden my career. I enjoy the graft of working and dedicating the time and energy to achieve my desired grades.


Meet our students Zachary Gibbon-Timms

Zachary Gibbon-Timms

I have studied at Newbury College for nearly two years now, and I feel the college is working hard to ensure I obtain the qualifications I need and want. More...