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We are proud to be the first-choice vocational education provider for West Berkshire and an exceptional place to work.

We take pride in our commitment to our employees, and we are seeking passionate, talented teaching and non-teaching staff to join our thriving team.

Everything we do is about "creating opportunities to transform lives", from the exceptional support we provide to our students to the professional development available to our staff.

By offering flexible, part-time, and full-time roles, a range of enticing benefits, and a supportive working environment, we aim to make Newbury College and University Centre Newbury the ideal place to build your career.

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In return for your hard work, we can offer:

  • Excellent pension scheme
  • Generous annual leave entitlement
  • Subsidised canteen, gym membership and other benefits
  • Free onsite parking
  • Continuous professional development – including five days of training

Want to find out more? Visit one of our open events or speak to a member of our HR team on 01635 845000, and view the vacancies and opportunities below.

Meet... Stephen Payne

Stephen Payne

I think it's important to have industry skills and bring that into the educational element because it makes the courses real. The 35 years of engineering experience in industry has really helped me and it provides a real essential link to joining the theory side to the practicality of what we do. Being with the students and seeing them come in a relatively young age and develop, it's one of the best parts of the job. More...

Programme Leader in Engineering (UCN)

Meet... Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas

To be a dual professional you need to be able to be in industry and in education, to engage the learners, it’s those real-life stories - this happened to me on site, this happened to me working in someone's house - to be able to contextualise those real-life industry experiences into the classroom or learning environment is the most powerful tool. More...

Course Leader Plumbing

Meet... Vincenzo Bernabei

Vincenzo Bernabei

I enjoy helping learners understand the market, consumer behaviour, trends and the world in which they work or will work in. My experience as a marketing and branding consultant with leading international market players allows me to bring real-life business scenarios into my Leadership & Management teaching.  More...

Leadership & Management Lecturer

Meet... Sukomal Sukomal

Sukomal Sukomal

With an extensive background in the electronics industry, I have worked as an Electronics Technical Engineer in multiple geographic locations. I enjoy teaching students how the concepts they learn in class can be applied in practical scenarios within the engineering industry, helping them understand the relevance and importance of the subject in real-world applications. More...

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lecturer

Meet... Mike Mullen

Mike Mullen

You need this hybrid model where we're still able to go into industry and practice, as well as bringing that experience back. I generally wouldn't be doing my learners at the best service I can give them if I hadn't been in industry. Seeing the students progress is probably the biggest bonus you get in this job, there's no two ways about it. Especially when you bump into them a few years down the line and they're grateful for the support that you gave them. More...

Programme Leader in Construction

Meet... Tim Coole

Tim Coole

Dr. Tim Coole is a distinguished figure in the field of engineering and design, celebrated for his outstanding contributions to education and the promotion of engineering.

Engineering Degree Lecturer (UCN)

Meet... Aimee Knight

Aimee Knight

I was really lucky to work in children’s centres, family liaison and children’s charities, and I learnt that I had a lot of skills and experience that I could offer to others. Learners are at an age where they are really thinking about their careers, and I felt that I could be a part of that journey. Teaching has been a fantastic experience for me and I’d really recommend it! More...

Childcare Course Leader

Meet... Beccy Monteith

Beccy Monteith

The students find it really interesting that I have experience of being in the industry and of working in children’s services and social care - I think that brought a different dimension to the programme for them. I feel proud of the students and the progress that they make - they leave different people, they leave feeling empowered. More...

Course Leader Foundation Degree in Children’s Development and Learning