Construction and Building Technology

Construction and Building Technology programmes cover the principles and techniques of construction, including materials, design, and project management, and prepare you for careers in carpentry, plumbing, electrical installation, construction management, and related fields.

Construction is one of the UK’s largest industries and offers many opportunities. The construction industry has, over the years, built the community in which we live.

From house conversions to office tower blocks, from footpaths to airports, railways and roads, construction workers of all types strive to improve our living and working conditions and our landscape.

Construction projects are found all over the UK, and British construction workers are often employed on overseas projects to build roads, dams, airfields and pipelines.

These subjects are well suited to people who prefer a practical career, with excellent progression opportunities which could lead to becoming an engineering technician, construction manager or running your own business.

Meet our students Ben Perrin

Ben Perrin

This was the best study option for me. Having a couple of great tutors working alongside us is definitely one of the biggest positives.


Meet our students Jack Ward

Jack Ward

The atmosphere at the open evening was inviting. The teachers have been the best help in aiding us to learn and I have enjoyed seeing how far I’ve come over the year.