If you are unsure about the career path that you want to follow, or you need to improve your Maths and English before taking your chosen subject, the Achieve Programme is for you. The Achieve programme is designed to be a flexible learning programme which allows you to improve Maths and English grades, whilst developing your skills through valuable work experience opportunities.

Meet our students Josie Badman

Josie Badman

“I enjoy the social aspects of my apprenticeship for example holding meetings and helping the agents on cases. The units have been relevant to my job role which helps me to ensure that I have knowledge to bring to my workplace.”

Meet our students Natasha Mathias

Natasha Mathias

“I love the freedom I’ve been given in my office environment to work and develop. When I first started, I was given my own set of suppliers to manage and deal with. Since then, I’ve been able to confidently contact them and sort out payments, queries etc. I also enjoy how everything I learn in college reflects my role in the office, helping me to further develop my skills.”

Natasha Mathias, Accounting Apprentice

  • Description

    You will complete a short induction and assessment process, which will cover a general college induction including basic safeguarding; behaviour expectations; team building, confidence building; and health and safety.

    We will support you during this time to identify the opportunities available, create your 5-year plan through a range of taster sessions in different subjects and apply for part-time employment.

    After the induction period, you will take one of two different pathways.

    Pathway A - Work-based: If you are interested in entering employment and are able to secure at least 15 hours of work per week, you will only attend college to complete your English, Maths and Tutorial sessions, and work on employability skills. Your progress at work and on your programme will be monitored to ensure you develop the skills necessary to progress on to further employment or apprenticeships at the end of the year.

    Pathway B - College-based: If you wish to continue in full-time education, you will take a pathway that has more hours in college to look at different career options, try our different subjects, build confidence through employability skills building and attend English and Maths sessions. Throughout the year you will be supported by your tutor to identify your next step through links to other courses, meetings with careers advisors etc.

  • Entry Requirements

    Although no formal entry requirements are needed, it is expected that you will have GCSE grade 2 or 3, or the equivalent, in English and Maths. However, we do look at your achievements on an individual basis, so this may not be a barrier to joining. You will, however, need to demonstrate the willingness to engage in a wide range of different tasks and subjects and maintain high levels of attendance.

    No prior skills are needed but you will need an open mind, a willingness to join in and complete the work required.

  • Qualification

    This will depend on which route you take. You will work towards achieving further English and Maths qualifications and employability qualifications. Those who choose to remain in college will also have the opportunity to gain further qualifications based around vocational subjects.

  • Progression

    It is expected that you will progress in to full-time employment, apprenticeships or on to a full-time vocational course of your choosing.

  • Assessment

    Work is completed through assignments, work packs, role play projects and presentations. English and Maths will also have external assessments and exams, these will vary depending on which qualification you are working towards.

  • Home Study

    Although we try to keep homework to a minimum, there will be some work that will need to be completed at home. You should anticipate one or two hours per week. This can be completed within our Student Hub where you can access the support of the PASC team.

  • Work Placement

    There will be some work experience on your programme. The amount will depend on the pathway option chosen, your confidence and your next steps. All of this will be discussed with you as part of your development throughout the course.

  • Fees and Additional Costs

    We try to keep costs to the minimum, however some visits may incur an entry fee and depending on which additional activities chosen, you may find there are additional costs for PPE, equipment or travel.

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* Terms and conditions apply. The fees stated on this website are for guidance purposes only and should be checked before enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, fees shown are for tuition only, over one term (Community Learning courses) or one academic year. Where a course is longer than one academic year, the fees stated are for the first year, and the cost of the second or subsequent years will be discussed at interview. For details of fee remission for students over 19 click here. If you think you may be entitled to a concession or fee remission, or you would like more information on the additional costs associated with your chosen course, please contact us on 01635 845000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fee information

14 - 18 year olds

In most cases students aged 14-18 years old on a substantial study programme will NOT be required to pay fees and most course-specific equipment and materials will be funded by the College. This excludes stationary, non-curriculum trips and a £15 enrichment fee.

19 years and over

Students aged 19 years and over may be required to pay fees. For details of fee remission and loans for students over the age of 19 click here. Please note that some courses may have additional registration, examination and/or materials fees. Where we have been unable to provide these additional costs in this information, they will be discussed with you prior to enrolment. If you think you may be entitled to financial support or fee remission, or you would like more information on the additional costs associated with your chosen course, please contact us.