Professional woman explaining neural networks


In an increasingly digital world, the demand for skills in AI and Machine Learning is skyrocketing. Recognising this, University Centre Newbury introduces a fully-funded, comprehensive 8-week course designed to equip adults with cutting-edge skills in AI and Machine Learning. Beginning on 08 February 2024, the course is structured to cater to the needs of both in-person and online learners, every Thursday.

Transform Your Career and Business Prospects

This course is not just an educational venture but a career transformation opportunity. With AI and Machine Learning reshaping industries, acquiring skills in these areas can significantly enhance career prospects. Employees and entrepreneurs alike will find immense value in understanding how these technologies can drive innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness in various sectors.

Learn from Renowned Experts

Dr. Marco Davi and Dr. Tim Coole, experts in their respective fields, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr. Davi, with his extensive background in computer science, is offering deep insights into the practical applications of AI. Dr. Coole, celebrated for his contributions to engineering and design education, brings a unique perspective on how AI and Machine Learning intersect with these fields.

Experience Flexibility and Convenience

Understanding the challenges of adult learning, University Centre Newbury offers the flexibility of both in-person and online attendance. This approach accommodates the varied schedules of working professionals, allowing them to balance their learning with other commitments.

Seize the Opportunity

The AI and Machine Learning course at University Centre Newbury represents a unique opportunity to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. It’s an invitation to both individuals and businesses to invest in the future, harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning to drive personal and professional growth.

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