University Centre Newbury (UCN) has a variety of courses and programs to help you and your business in 2021. To help you discover more about these opportunities, we’ve listed five benefits of working with UCN to develop your staff.

  1. Retain and retrain

Use training and development opportunities to engage and reward your staff. Encourage staff members with the possibilities of university-level education without the need to move home or leave their job. Students and apprentices enrolling with the UCN have the flexibility to build their professional development up to a postgraduate degree level, through our partnerships with Bucks New University and the University of Reading, without the need to relocate.

  1. Tailored to business needs

University Centre Newbury (UCN) delivers courses through a purpose-built, blended learning approach. Students are taught both in-person at the Centre and can access course material online. UCN has continued to successfully deliver online classes throughout lockdown, which has enabled apprentices and students to fulfil off-the-job training with additional flexibility to support their employers. Degree apprentices successfully carried out assessments via remote access with their examiners.

  1. Industry-specific programmes

Programmes cover vital industry sectors of Business & Finance, Leadership & Management, Digital Technologies, Engineering, Graphic Design, Health & Social Care and Children’s Development & Learning. The UCN programmes have been specifically selected to support the growing needs of local business and will help advance careers in the current economic climate and provide you with more options to upskill or adapt employee’s skills.

  1. State-of-the-art facilities

Classrooms and labs within the UCN have the latest technology for online, digital, graphic design and engineering classes. The Digital Lab has been designed to enable students to carry out real-life examples of a cybersecurity threat and acquire the skills of tracking the source of attack with advanced digital programmes. Graphic design suites have the latest versions of the industry-standard software. The enhanced engineering labs support programmes in electrical, manufacturing and mechanical engineering up to Postgraduate degree level. The labs include state-of-the-art engineering software, which provides support for delivery both on Campus and remotely.

  1. Industry-experienced lecturers

All UCN lecturers bring a wealth of industry experience, as well as being outstanding lecturers in their area of expertise. In collaboration with our partner Universities, they provide the highest standards of teaching and support students to succeed in their studies and progress their careers.

University Centre Newbury and the lecturers work in partnership with local businesses and industry specialists, ensuring the delivery of courses is up to date with industry developments. To talk about the opportunities for you, your employees, and your business email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01635 845000.