Laura Farris visiting UCN

Local MP, Laura Farris has identified the value and success of the apprenticeship programme and the development of the training provision for the future at Newbury College.

In the parliamentary debate of the Queen’s speech, the MP said: “We in Newbury measure our success, in part, by the success of the students of Newbury College, who provide our best local apprentices; whether that’s in green energy or technology or engineering.”

She continued to discuss her support for the Skills Bill:

“There are many who live locally who wouldn’t have had the same opportunities. This is why I fully support the Lifetime Skills Guarantee, and the supporting loan entitlement, to give workers the chance to develop new skills irrespective of age, and may I add, irrespective of gender.”

Ms Farris also met with Principal and Chief Executive, Iain Wolloff and Director of Business and Partnerships, Dr Jo Houghton on Friday 14 May to take a tour of University Centre Newbury (UCN) and to discuss skills, employment and the investment of funding from central government.

Iain Wolloff commented: “It is fantastic to see the College and the University Centre recognised for the contribution and successes of our students and apprentices. We work hard to align our skills strategy with the needs of the economy and of local people. Our focus is on the needs, both now and in the future, of local employers, improving career prospects for all our community, and addressing the skills gaps of the local economy.”