Harry Langhorn addressing students at Newbury College


A day of insights, inspiration, and invaluable lessons from industry leaders has helped Newbury College and University Centre Newbury (UCN) students broaden their horizons and unlock their potential.

The Personal Development Day event, which was attended by students preparing for careers in engineering, uniformed public services and leadership and management, saw a lineup of distinguished speakers, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience from their respective fields.

Haitel Patel is an executive and leadership coach, NLP expert, and a maverick in sales, retail, and operations, with vast experience spanning over 15 years in transformative leadership. He shared insights on elevating both professional and personal potential. Known for his dynamic public speaking skills and keynote presentations, he left the students inspired and motivated.

Glen Smith Jr., a renowned transformation coach, joined the event live from Florida and shared his journey of empowering hundreds over the past four years. His talk focused on the importance of realising one's true potential, emphasising the transition from merely existing to truly thriving in life.

Harry Langhorne, founder of the FFI group, shared his experience as a young entrepreneur who has overcome the challenges of dyslexia to become a titan of trading in the financial markets. Partnered with global leaders like BD Swiss and Vantage, his success story at just 24 is a testament to his belief in limitless potential.

Lee Hunt MBE, Vice Principal of Newbury College and University Centre Newbury, also shared his journey with the student, one that has taken him from a prestigious career in the military to a respected leader in the education sector. He emphasised the importance of developing transferable skills and taking advantage of opportunities that open up new avenues for career progression.

Event organiser, Peter Alcock, said: "These speakers have been a great source of inspiration to me, and I wanted our students to benefit from their unique experiences and perspectives. I am incredibly grateful to them for giving their precious time to inspire the next generation of leaders."

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