Newbury College is one of only ten colleges benefiting from amongst fifty-one colleges and universities, after demonstrating capability to deliver projects aimed at increasing starts and enhancing the diversity of our degree apprentice recruits.

Delivered at University Centre Newbury (UCN), the funding has enabled the expansion of three of our degree apprenticeships focused on addressing critical skills needs in the workforce, developing technically trained, retained and rewarded staff. The Degree Apprenticeships identified to support business development are:

The Degree Apprenticeship programmes are offered in collaboration with partner universities to enable the achievement of a career-focused degree locally. With Degree Apprenticeships, your business can benefit from:

  • Cost-effective investment - Government-funded programmes maximising your training budget
  • Tailored development - customised modules to match your business needs
  • Strategic alignment - align employees' skills to your company's strategic goals and succession plans
  • Blended learning - academic knowledge combined with practical workplace application

To find out how we can support you and your organisation in utilising Degree Apprenticeships, call our Business Team on 01635 845229 or explore Degree Apprenticeships