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We are looking to appoint dynamic and forward-thinking governors who would like to contribute to the local community and use their experience to support and develop the future of local education.

As the college continues to grow and provide an expanding portfolio of opportunities through innovative projects such as University Centre Newbury, T Levels and Apprenticeships, strong governance is key to guiding the mission and strategic direction of the organisation.

Principal and CEO, Iain Wolloff, said: “Good governance is essential to the success of our organisation and the high-quality education and training that we provide. I am excited to invite people with a wide range of skills and experience into the College Corporation to support our journey to outstanding and guide the development of new and exciting opportunities.”

In addition to the support that governors bring to the organisation and the local community, becoming a governor is also an excellent way of developing personal strategic leadership skills. The role provides enormous insights into the social and economic challenges facing local communities and direct contact with senior business and community leaders.

To find out more about becoming a College Governor or to apply, please visit