28 September 2020 - We have notified students, parents and staff of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Newbury College. Student and staff safety is of paramount importance to us.

07 October 2020 - The College Principal, Iain Wolloff, has confirmed that two new connected cases of coronavirus have been reported. Staff, students and parents/carers have been notified.

On 07 October, the College was notified that two students from the same family had tested positive for COVID-19. They have not been on-site since last week and have been self-isolating since developing symptoms.

The College’s robust plans for dealing with confirmed cases include alerting the Department for Education, Public Health England, and West Berkshire Council and notifying any students and staff that may need to self-isolate as a precaution.

Principal, Iain Wolloff stated: ‘I want to reassure students, parents and staff that we are following government guidelines stringently and are working closely with the Public Health Team. Thanks to the continual monitoring of sickness and effective use of teaching ‘bubbles’ we can identify any staff or students who are affected quickly and efficiently. We continue to provide education on-site to our students while maintaining an emphasis on the importance of social distancing at all times.’

The College remains open thanks to the effective implementation of bubbles. Find out more about how we are keeping you safe.