Software developers are working in just about every industry, so it’s no surprise that the skills required are some of the most transferable on the job market.

It’s often thought that mathematical geniuses make the best software developers, but that isn’t always the case; the typical candidate for a career in software development doesn’t exist. If you have a passion to learn and a drive to succeed, you’ll thrive in a career in software.

Job openings across the industry are rising, so the opportunities to develop your role into other areas of tech are endless. If you’re on the fence about whether to train to become a developer, here are five reasons why a career in software development could be for you…

  1. Programming is useful in jobs you do not expect

A qualified software developer has an abundance of career opportunities available to them. Developers gain the essential skills needed in pretty much every technical job and can advance their careers into senior positions, overseeing programming.

Digital is the future for businesses across every sector, so whether you want to build vital healthcare software, content management systems, or video games, you’ll never be short of options.

  1. Lots of opportunities

There is currently unprecedented demand for digital skills. Almost every industry has its own bespoke software and needs people who can create and maintain it to their specifications.

The last five years have seen a significant rise in tech job openings and as the world becomes increasingly digital and operated online, the need for developers is likely to rise even further.

  1. Earning Power

A starting salary for a software development role in London is currently around £35,000 and for the rest of the country, around £28,000, but this can increase as you gain more skills and experience.

  1. You can use your creativity

People are prospering in software development like never before. Every time a tech firm updates its software it changes the way in which we use our devices and as a developer, you have the power to change and influence people’s lives. Technology is developing at an exponential rate and affecting our everyday lives more and more, software developers need to be able to adapt to the continually changing environment

  1. Problem-solving

One of the key elements of a role in software development is problem-solving and there’s nothing more satisfying than solving a problem that nobody else knows how to. Developers are constantly trying to find ways to improve the productivity of tasks and write their code in more efficient ways. Developing software challenges you to think in different ways and to come up with creative solutions to your employer or client's problems.

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