Protective Services, Sport and Fitness

Programmes for people looking to enter the football, sports or public service industries that provide the skills and knowledge needed to work in these dynamic and challenging fields.

These programmes share many elements and cover a wide range of subjects, including exercise science, nutrition, and fitness training as physical fitness is important in all of these career paths, and in some jobs is tested regularly. Leadership qualities are paramount and are also strenuously tested during selection and training for work.

Public Services programmes provide the skills, experience and knowledge to develop a career in the fire service, ambulance, police or armed forces. Learn about the legal and ethical considerations that impact the public service industry, as well as the principles of leadership and management.

People who choose to work in this industry often do so because they thrive on challenge and variety. Although paperwork does feature, these are not conventional desk jobs and often involve a great deal of physical outdoor work. These programmes provide hands-on training in areas such as emergency response.

Professional sports people also thrive on challenge and variety, must have an exceptional level of skill and be totally dedicated to their sport. The ability to get on well with people and strong organisational skills are essential. learn about the business side of sports, including marketing, finance, and management, while receiving training in areas such as sports psychology, strength, conditioning and coaching.

There are a number of career routes in the sports industry including: sports coaching and teaching, sports rehabilitation, sports and leisure development, the fitness professions, personal coaching and training, and outdoor sports activities and expeditions. Employers look for people with good communication skills, enthusiasm and stamina. If you are well organised and like working with other people you would fit well within this industry. Alternatively, you may opt to continue your studies at university.

Meet our students Andrei Ilioiu

Andrei Ilioiu

I enjoy this course; it challenges me, and I’ve met a lot of people with the same aspirations.

Uniformed Public Services

Meet our students Donny Burke

Donny Burke

The football academy appealed to me as I get to play football while I study. I want to do an apprenticeship or get a job working in the sports industry, and my course equips me with the skills to explore these opportunities in the future. More...

Procision Football Academy

Meet our students Robbie Branigan

Robbie Branigan

I feel like I've improved massively since I first joined the Academy and it's put me in a great position moving forward as I've secured a place at university.

Procision Football Academy