Art, Design and Fashion

For students looking for a career in one of the creative industries, Newbury College offers a range of courses at different levels in art and design.

Working in one of our well-equipped art studios, students get the opportunity to practise and develop skills that will nurture their creative talents.

Learn how to work with different methods and media including drawing, painting, 3D modelling, photography (digital and film), printing and textiles. At the end of the academic year, students get the chance to exhibit work in the locally-renowned end-of-year art show. Training in art and design prepares students for work in some of the following career areas: ceramics, fashion, fine art, illustration, photography, design (product, set, interior, web and graphic) and sculpture.

Meet our students Ethan Thorne

Ethan Thorne

“I chose Newbury College because it has a healthy environment in which I can enjoy creative freedom.”

Meet our students James Lockhart

James Lockhart

“My time at college has been really positive. I’ve been able to focus solely on one subject that I really enjoy and I’m progressing onto university with an unconditional offer at the university of my choice.”

James Lockhart
Art and Design

Meet our students Thea Clarke

Thea Clarke

“I would recommend Newbury College as I have had so much support. I have enjoyed developing my skills in spray painting and printmaking techniques.”

Meet our students Willow Hammond-Ellaway

Willow Hammond-Ellaway

“I chose to study at Newbury College because it was conveniently close. I also loved the course choices, such a huge range, it was very difficult for me to decide what would be best. I had a lot of support to help me choose what course would be best for my future. I have enjoyed the confidence that I have gained from my course and I am very thankful for everything the college has done for me.”