Education Advisers & School Inspectors


Education advisers and school inspectors plan, organise and direct the educational activities and resources in a local authority education area, and undertake inspections of schools and other training establishments excluding universities.


  • Advises on all aspects of education and ensures that all statutory educational requirements are being met
  • Plans and advises on the provision of special schools for children with physical or learning disabilities
  • Appoints and controls teaching staff
  • Verifies that school buildings are adequately maintained
  • Arranges for the provision of school medical and meals services
  • Observes teaching, assesses learning level and discusses any apparent faults with teachers, heads of department and head teachers
  • Prepares reports on schools concerning teaching standards, educational standards being achieved, the spiritual, moral and social development of pupils, resource management etc.

Entry Requirements

Jobholders usually possess an education-related degree or relevant postgraduate qualification and have gained relevant experience in teaching and/or school management. Before being appointed, an inspector has to attend a course of training provided or approved by OFSTED. Most inspectors are or have been head teachers, deputy heads or heads of department.