Case Studies

Olivia Rugman

 The content of the degree is very interesting and relevant to the job that I do. The course is well planned and delivered but also adaptable with information that may be beneficial to our job. The course tutors are very supportive, approachable and happy to help, which makes learning easy. More...

Molly Stone

My colleague suggested that I apply for the Children’s Learning and Development Foundation Degree as it would support my professional development and further my career. So far, I’ve gained more knowledge to use in my workplace setting. The delivery of the course has been an engaging and positive experience. More...

Tim Coole

Dr. Tim Coole is a distinguished figure in the field of engineering and design, celebrated for his outstanding contributions to education and the promotion of engineering.

Engineering Degree Lecturer (UCN)

Vincenzo Bernabei

I enjoy helping learners understand the market, consumer behaviour, trends and the world in which they work or will work in. My experience as a marketing and branding consultant with leading international market players allows me to bring real-life business scenarios into my Leadership & Management teaching.  More...

Leadership & Management Lecturer