Business Breakfast: Engineering Forum

Join us for an insightful Engineering Employer Forum, where we delve into the transformative world of artificial intelligence and its impact on the engineering sector.

The morning will commence with a panel discussion exploring the current AI landscape and how employers are adapting to these rapid technological advancements. Panelists from various industries will share their perspectives, paving the way for a Q&A session where you can put forward your queries and concerns.

The forum will also feature a comprehensive presentation by our knowledgeable colleagues, highlighting how our engineering programmes are designed to meet the evolving needs of employers.

This is a great opportunity to connect, gain valuable insights, and discover how our educational offerings align with industry demands. Don't miss out on this chance to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in engineering.



 08:30  Arrival and breakfast / tea and coffee
 09:15  AI Future Ways of Working - Panel discussion
 09:45  Audience Q&A
 10:00  Meeting Employers' Needs - Understand how Newbury College and UCN can support your company's development
 10:15  Optional campus tour
 11:00  Close


13 Jun 2024 8.30 - 13 Jun 2024 11.00
Categories: Business Event, Information Event


  • Apprenticeships Team

    Apprenticeships Team

    Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. Apprenticeships are recognised as the leading standard for work-based training and there are lots of benefits for doing an apprenticeship or employing one.

    Our Apprenticeship Team can talk to you about becoming an apprentice, hiring an apprentice or just give you more information on the programme. 

    They work with local employers and other agencies to help businesses access funding and identify skills gaps, as well as supporting those looking for an apprenticeship.

  • Ben Patience - Equinix

    Ben Patience - Equinix

    Ben Patience is an experienced security professional specialising in physical and information security management. With a PSP (Physical Security Professional) certification and a CISMP (Certificate in Information Security Management Principles), Ben brings a comprehensive understanding of security operations and risk management.

    Ben has held various positions in the security field, each contributing to his extensive knowledge and skills in threat assessment, incident response, and security system integration. He is currently employed at Equinix, where he plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing security protocols to protect critical infrastructure and ensure the safety of assets and personnel. His responsibilities include developing and implementing security policies, conducting risk assessments, and coordinating with various stakeholders to maintain a secure environment.

  • Julie Taylor - Fenton Elliott Solicitors

    Julie Taylor - Fenton Elliott Solicitors

    Julie Taylor is an experienced employment lawyer currently serving as a partner at Fenton Elliott Solicitors, a dynamic law firm based in Newbury, Berkshire, specialising in employment and family law.

    With a commendable track record that includes over 16 years at Gardner Leader LLP, Julie has honed her expertise in complex litigation, TUPE, contract law, restrictive covenant disputes, redundancy consultations, and discrimination cases.

    Businesses and individuals alike seek her comprehensive legal advice, ensuring effective contract preparation and resolution of employment disputes. Julie’s academic credentials include a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Guildford College of Law and an LLB in Law and Politics from Keele University, where she also contributed as the Treasurer of the Keele Law Society.

    Her dedication to the field is evident in her long-standing commitment to providing top-tier legal services.

  • Kenneth Nel - Digital Coach 101

    Kenneth Nel - Digital Coach 101

    Kenneth Nel is a seasoned digital marketing strategist and LinkedIn expert with over 18 years of experience in the field. He is the founder of The Digital Coach 101, where he specialises in LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Ads, and comprehensive account management through LinkedManager.

    Kenneth is dedicated to empowering professionals with advanced networking and sales tools, crafting high-impact LinkedIn content, and providing social selling training to maximise online engagement and sales conversions.

    He is also an author, having published "Digital Transformation 'the Lie we are Sold'," and a public speaker who shares his digital marketing insights freely in workshops. With a commitment to reducing sales conversion friction and a promise to avoid using any poop emojis, Kenneth stands out as a leader in digital marketing and LinkedIn mastery.

  • Shaun Daubney - Newbury College / UCN

    Shaun Daubney - Newbury College / UCN

    Shaun Daubney is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in communications, eLearning development, marketing, and teaching.

    With nearly two decades of experience at Newbury College in Berkshire, UK, Shaun has dedicated 19 years and 8 months to roles such as Communications, Graphic Design, Marketing, eLearning Development and Lecturer in Digital Skills, which reflects his passion for education and technology.

  • Shelly Van Meter - Newbury College / UCN

    Shelly Van Meter - Newbury College / UCN

    Already a long-serving curriculum manager at Newbury College, successfully leading the Essential Skills and Technology departments, Shelly took the opportunity in 2019 to develop the introductory curriculum offer for University Centre Newbury (UCN).

    Her extensive knowledge of learner needs, local industry requirements and her effective leadership skills have helped Shelly to build a strong team and curriculum that are focused on supporting individual aspirations and local economic growth.

    Working with the Apprenticeship Team and other colleagues at Newbury College, Shelly continues to develop UCN's career-focused provision, providing progression routes for school and college leavers, supporting employers and creating opportunities for people who want to achieve their degree locally.