You may have heard about the ongoing and exciting developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the media, including the capabilities of sites such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat. These tools have the power to change the way we think and work. However, we need to ensure they are used responsibly. We have created this AI guidance for students, staff, parents and employers to help you understand our position on AI tools and their use.

  • Our position

    As an institution that upholds the core values of respect and integrity, we recognise the potential benefits and challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the educational sector. We acknowledge that while AI presents unparalleled opportunities for research and assistance with academic work, its misuse can undermine the essential principles of academic integrity and individual development.

    Therefore, we believe AI should only be utilised as a supportive tool in the learning process, enhancing students' abilities to develop original ideas and work. To ensure the alignment of AI usage with our core values, we provide clear guidelines defining its appropriate use within the academic framework of our institution.

    Appropriate use of AI tools in academic settings includes, but is not limited to:

    • Assisting in the exploration and development of ideas for essays and assessments.
    • Aiding in the creation of plans for essays and assessments.
    • Providing support in spelling and grammar related aspects.
    • Assisting in time management and organisation of work.

    Students must only ever submit their own work. Any reliance on AI that compromises a student's work will be investigated as academic misconduct and may lead to consequences, including disciplinary action. If you are looking for support in academic writing, structuring assignments, and/or how to reference, you can contact your course leader or a member of the PASC team.

    While we embrace AI as a transformative tool in education, we advocate for its use in a manner that promotes integrity and personal growth. We commit to regularly reviewing and updating our policies and procedures to adapt to the evolving landscape of technology in education.

  • Limitations and dangers

    AI tools are limited in their functionality and the content they produce. Take care to check all AI-generated content, including references, as the material generated by AI may not be based on factual information. When researching for an assignment, it is important to consult a variety of sources. 

    The AI tools currently available may also be subject to bias or generate harmful and/or offensive content. If a student suspects that an AI system is generating harmful or offensive content, they should report the issue directly to the provider or developer of the AI tool. If unsure how to proceed, they should seek guidance from a teacher or an IT support member. 

    All students and staff must adhere to any policies regarding the use of technology and reporting of inappropriate or harmful content. These policies are designed to protect students and maintain a safe learning environment. 

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