Gain the basic skills and knowledge required to progress with this introduction to automotive maintenance and repair. Master tasks across various automotive sectors such as accident repair and light vehicle maintenance.

Meet our students Jacob Starling-Marwick

Jacob Starling-Marwick

I joined Newbury College because I want to become a mechanic, the course really appealed to me.

Motor Vehicle

Meet our students Joe Bevan

Joe Bevan

I’ve always been interested in joining Newbury College, working on cars is my passion. I have particularly enjoyed all the time in the motor vehicle workshop.

Motor Vehicle

Meet our students Lawrence Booker

Lawrence Booker

“I am really interested in Motor Mechanics which is why I chose Newbury College. I enjoy the working on vehicles in the workshop.”

Meet our students Phoebe Mitchell

Phoebe Mitchell

I chose to study mechanics at Newbury College as it offers a range of practical work to take part in. I enjoy problem solving and practical subjects and my course is ideal for that. So far my favourite part has been doing an engine rebuild, where we get given an engine and have to strip and rebuild the whole thing.

Motor Vehicle

  • Description

    This Entry 3 introduction to Automotive Maintenance and Repair is tailored for learners aged 16-19 who are enthusiastic working in the motor vehicle industry. You will work towards one of three qualifications (pathways) based on the level that you and your tutor believe is most suited to your abilities.

    The units cover a wide range of topics providing a comprehensive introduction to automotive maintenance and repair. They are likely to include:

    • Introduction to Health and Safety in the Workplace
    • Introduction to Common Tools and Equipment for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
    • Introduction to Engine Components and Operation
    • Introduction to Lubrication System Components and Maintenance
    • Introduction to Engine Cooling System Components and Maintenance, among others
  • Entry Requirements

    The course is generally aimed at learners aged 16-19 with a keen interest in automotive maintenance and repair. There are no formal qualifications required for this Entry 3 qualification and a skills assessment will be carried out at interview.

    An interest in the motor industry with a practical approach to learning will benefit learners taking this programme.

  • Qualification

    Qualification gained will depend on the number of units taken:

    • IMI Award Introduction to Automotive Maintenance and Repair (Entry 3) 1452
    • IMI Certificate Introduction to Automotive Maintenance and Repair (Entry 3) 0016
    • IMI Diploma Introduction to Automotive Maintenance and Repair (Entry 3) 0006
  • Progression

    The primary aim of this programme is to prepare you for progression to a Level 1 programme or employment with training.

  • Assessment

    You will be assessed via observed practical assessments and online examination.

  • Home Study

    You are expected to complete approximately 2 - 3 hours of self-study per week on the diploma pathway and take responsibility for your own study.

  • Work Placement

    There are no mandatory requirements for industry placements at this level, however, you will undertake meaningful work-related activity involving employers during your programme.

  • Fees and Additional Costs

    You will need to supply your own overalls and boots, pens, paper and ruler etc. There are also technical books required for the course. You are encouraged to purchase your own tools for use within the workshop. Funding for the course is age dependant.

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