Discover Italian, one of the world's most romantic languages, and fall in love with language learning. Communicate with sympathetic native speakers using basic phrases in a variety of everyday situations. From basic greetings to ordering coffee, you'll be communicating with the locals in no time.

  • Description

    This course is aimed at complete beginners with no previous knowledge of Italian and covers A1 of the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

    You will learn how to communicate in everyday tourist situations, asking for and understanding information, while developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

    This course is comprised of 3 terms. You will need to enrol and pay for each term separately.


    • Greetings, titles and introductions
    • Numbers 1 - 100
    • Definite and indefinite articles
    • Simple nouns and verbs
    • Basic colours and adjectives
    • Numbers and the Italian alphabet
    • Days of the week
    • Booking hotel accommodation
    • Formulating questions
    • Ordering food and drink
    • Compliments and complaints
    • Italian Christmas traditions


    • Occupations
    • Using nouns, verbs and adjectives in conversation
    • Telling the time
    • Daily routines
    • Giving and receiving directions
    • Prepositions
    • Tourist attractions
    • Likes and dislikes
    • Negatives


    • Past tense
    • Holiday activities
    • Family tree
    • Possessive adjectives and pronouns
    • Common tourist situations
    • Common items of clothing
    • Shopping
    • Measurements and quantities
    • Reflexive verbs
    • Simple weather condition
    • Excursions and festivals
  • Entry Requirements

    This is a Beginners course, so there are no formal entry requirements. Students will need to have completed Term 1 in order to progress to Term 2, and so on. Exceptions may be made for students with prior learning in Italian and can be discussed with the tutor.

    You should be comfortable with using a computer in order to access learning resources. This course uses Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 platform to provide you with access to learning resources. You will be provided with login details and basic training in order to access these services.

  • Qualification

    SEG Entry Level Award in Speaking and Listening in Italian (Entry 3) - Awaiting approval

  • Progression

    This course is comprised of 3 terms and is the first year of a 2 year Beginners programme. You will need to enrol and pay for each term separately. Your tutor will help you to re-enrol at the end of each term. After completing the first year you can progress onto the second year.

  • Assessment

    Progress on this course will be tested through tutor observation, tutor-led activities and exercises, and tutor and peer feedback and discussion.

  • Home Study

    Homework is essential and will take the form of assignments, essays and other work. You will also benefit from undertaking home study of approximately one hour per week.

  • Work Placement

    There is no work placement required for this course.

  • Fees and Additional Costs

    The fee for this course is for the first term only. You will need to pay for each term separately. The tutor will recommend a textbook to support your learning which can be purchased online or from a local bookshop. This is not included in the course fee.

  • Programmes currently in progress

    Please be aware that this course has already started. Please call 01635 845000 to check if spaces are available

    Code Day Start End Times Fees*
    ITABEGY1 232401 Thursday 11/01/2024 20/06/2024 19:00 - 21:00 £340

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