Gain qualifications, equivalent to 3 A Levels, in Onsite Construction. This technical qualification is aimed at individuals looking to pursue a career in the construction industry, and has been designed in collaboration with industry employers to ensure the curriculum remains relevant and comprehensive, preparing you for the real-world scenarios you'll encounter in your career?.

Meet our students Ben Perrin

Ben Perrin

This was the best study option for me. Having a couple of great tutors working alongside us is definitely one of the biggest positives.


Meet our students Jack Ward

Jack Ward

The atmosphere at the open evening was inviting. The teachers have been the best help in aiding us to learn and I have enjoyed seeing how far I’ve come over the year.


  • Description

    The structure of the qualification is designed to give you a breadth of knowledge and understanding across the onsite industry but also to equip you with the necessary occupational and core skills to enter employment.

    Year 1 - core (infrastructure to the industry) 8711-30 The Core Component: The core content is designed to offer sufficient breadth of knowledge and skills for the learner to apply in a variety of contexts related to the industry and those occupational specialisms linked to this T Level. The core content is the building blocks of knowledge and skills that will give a learner a broad understanding of the industry and job roles. At the same time, it will develop the core skills they will need to apply when working within the industry.

    Year 2 - specialism ( level 3 Technical ) 8711-36 Occupational Specialisms: Occupational specialisms develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to achieve threshold competence in an occupation. Threshold competence is defined as when a learner's attainment against the knowledge, skills and behaviours is of a standard for them to enter the occupation and industry. They must also demonstrate the ability to achieve occupational competence over time with the correct support and training.

  • Entry Requirements

    T Levels are for school leavers aged 16 - 18 at the start of the programme. You will need a Level 2 qualification from a construction or trade pathway and maths and English at grade 4 or above.

    Applicants who do not hold a Level 2 from a construction or trade pathway may be offered a place on a T Level Foundation programme. Applicants without the required level of maths or English may be accepted on to the T Level at the tutor's discretion and will supported to achieve any required maths or English alongside their T Level programme.

    Good organisational skills and a keen interest in applying and understanding the construction industry are required for this programme.

  • Qualification

    T Level in Onsite Construction

  • Progression

    Following a T Level, you could progress straight into a skilled profession or continue your studies with a degree or higher apprenticeship. Career options include becoming a carpenter or joiner, amongst many others.

  • Assessment

    The T Level assessment combines examinations in the core skills, with a practical skills test for the occupational specialisms developed in practice.

    Assessments come in different forms, giving you the opportunity to develop key skills and behaviours tailored to your employment. Group work, portfolios, and practical projects set by employers are just a few of the many ways you can show how your knowledge has developed.

    Year 1: Employer Set Project (Coursework) in the Spring Exam Window and Two Core Exams in the Summer Exam Window.

    Year 2: Practical Summative Assessment in the Summer Exam Window.

  • Home Study

    This qualification has large elements of self-learning, and additional material to research. You will be expected to complete approximately 3 - 5 hours a week of home study.

  • Work Placement

    Your learning will combine classroom theory and practical learning and include a minimum of 315 hours with an employer on an industry placement. The placement will provide you with real experience of the workplace.

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