Sue Richardson


Sue Richardson serves as the Corporation Board staff member representing business support staff at Newbury College, a role that allows her to voice the interests and insights of the college staff while contributing significantly to the institution's future and the local community.

Since 2018, Sue has held the position of MIS Manager at Newbury College, where her responsibilities encompass a broad range of areas including funding, data management, reporting, and audit. Additionally, she plays an integral role as a member of the Finance and Resources Committee at the college.

Residing in Newbury for over two decades, Sue's professional journey before joining Newbury College spanned five years in various roles such as Data Management, MIS, and examinations in local secondary schools. This followed a career break, which she took to focus on her young children. Prior to this interlude, Sue embarked on her career path after graduating with a BA (Hons) in European Business Administration, a dual degree from the United Kingdom and Spain. She then dedicated fifteen years to working as an analyst in the communications technology sector, leveraging her academic background and expertise.

Sue's diverse professional experiences, coupled with her commitment to the educational sector and her community, make her a valuable asset to Newbury College and an inspiration to those aspiring to make a difference in the realm of education and beyond.