Stuart Compton


Stuart Compton is a highly skilled solicitor, renowned for his extensive expertise in the infrastructure sector. His illustrious career began in prestigious law firms situated in the City of London and Bristol. Currently, he is employed as an in-house solicitor in London for an eminent international engineering firm, where he has developed a specialisation in the railway sector.

Compton's professional responsibilities encompass negotiating new projects and providing counsel on ongoing ones. He offers guidance on various programmes, ranging from research and development collaborations with universities to multi-million-pound infrastructure enhancement projects.

Compton's educational journey commenced in Newbury, where he attended school. He furthered his education at university and has since lived and worked in various significant UK cities, including Oxford, London, and Bristol. In 2008, he returned to his roots in Newbury.

Through his experiences, Compton has cultivated a strong belief in the power of continuous learning and development. He is a staunch advocate for education, recognising its crucial role in empowering individuals to realise their fullest potential.

Since July 2022, Compton has been an active contributor to Newbury College, serving on both the audit and strategic development committees. His commitment to giving back to the community, which has been a constant source of support throughout his career, is a testament to his dedication to societal progress and personal growth.