Sam Dibas


Sam Dibas is a sector-versatile and dynamic Global Director / Vice President who has a reputation for establishing world-class enterprise customer support organisations, operates at senior leadership level in global brands such as Ericsson and Keysight Technologies Inc., and builds new managed service capabilities from the ground up.

He successfully transforms customer experience and leverages the latest technological innovations to reposition brands, spearheads ground-breaking cultural and organisational change, seamlessly shifts the emphasis to customer-centric revenue-generating operations, and realises $multi-million income streams.

Sam possesses extensive insight into global telecommunications landscapes, stands at the forefront of new advancements such as the smooth launch of the first Vodafone 3G network in Europe, Intelligent Network roll-out, and shapes support services for next-generation mobile networks (5G), including support of new devices.

He champions new business development and delivers robust commercial strategies, drives modernisation and optimisation of operations, redesigns managed service operating models to yield significant OPEX reductions and enhance customer satisfaction, forges decisive partnerships, and advocates infrastructure digitisation.