Sally Osmond


Sally Osmond has been a resident of Newbury since August 2015, having relocated to the new development on Newbury Racecourse with her husband. Despite her full-time employment at the time, Osmond quickly recognised the vibrant community spirit of Newbury and its surrounding areas, fostering a strong desire to engage and contribute to its future.

Osmond's professional journey began in Medical Biosciences, specialising in Clinical Chemistry and Immunology. She then transitioned into Clinical Drug Development, dedicating thirty-five years to planning and overseeing global clinical trials. Her senior leadership roles enabled her to hone her skills in management and finance, and she gained extensive experience in various strictly controlled environments. These experiences equipped her with a wealth of transferable skills, which she has since brought to her role at Newbury College. Additionally, Osmond has completed qualifications with the Institute of Directors, providing her with valuable tools for directorship in various institutions and businesses.

As she moved away from full-time employment, Osmond channelled her passion into nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals. She is dedicated to ensuring that individuals can realise their full potential and that employers can find the workforce they need to grow their businesses, all while aligning with the broader needs of the community.

Osmond's involvement with Newbury College began in early 2018. Initially, she joined the Board and the Audit Committee, eventually leading the Audit and Risk Committee. She served as Vice Chair of the Corporation Board for six months before assuming the role of Chair in July 2020. Under her leadership, Newbury College has witnessed several innovative developments, including the inauguration of the University Centre, the launch of a successful Football Academy, and the strategic sale of land assets to foster the college's growth in alignment with its ambitious plans.

Looking forward, Osmond is enthusiastic about the future prospects of Newbury College and is committed to playing a significant role in its continued development.