Following the announcement of a national lockdown, the college has moved to online learning for all students, except for those in vulnerable groups and young people whose parents are critical workers.

Many students will be concerned about how they will complete assessments for their courses and we are working actively with all the awarding bodies to understand any changes that may be made to assessment. We will ensure that students are updated as soon as further information is available.

The Government have confirmed that schools and colleges can continue with the BTEC national exams scheduled for January. Given the announcement of the national lockdown, we know that this is a difficult situation for all those students who have January exams. However, having listened to the views of students and their teachers, we have decided that we will go ahead with the January BTEC exams as planned. Many students have spent a lot of time preparing for their exams and feel that they would be disadvantaged if they aren’t able to take the exams as planned.

In order to ensure that these exams are as Covid Secure as possible, the following arrangements will be in place:

  • All of the exams at the College will be undertaken in small groups of students who have been studying together in their teaching ‘bubbles’ throughout the Autumn Term
  • Students should plan to travel to and from the College on their own wherever possible
  • College staff will act as Covid Marshalls to ensure that students arriving for exams maintain social distance and move directly to their allocated exam rooms
  • Students should wash their hands and/or use sanitiser before and after their exam, which is available throughout the College building
  • Rooms will be arranged to maximise social distancing
  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear masks throughout their time in the building
  • Students will leave the building and return home as soon as their exam is finished

If a student is unable to attend their scheduled exam, the College will work with the awarding body to ensure that assessments can be completed in future.