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What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training and experience with study towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Most apprenticeship frameworks are made up of a technical certificate, an NVQ (or other vocational qualification) and functional skills.

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The technical certificate focuses on the knowledge and understanding that underpins the work-based qualification and concentrates on the theory side of your subject. Obtaining the technical certificate usually involves classroom-based study where you would attend college for one day a week.

The work-based qualification focuses on the practical skills required to do your day-to-day job and allows you to demonstrate your competence. The NVQ (or similar qualification) is achieved through assessment and evidence produced in the workplace for specific units are selected at the start of the Apprenticeship program.

Functional skills in English, maths and ICT provide individuals with the skills and abilities they need to operate confidently, effectively and independently at work. If you do not have the required GCSE grades C or above in these core subjects then Newbury College will support you to up skill in these areas.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) ensures that you gain a general understanding of your rights and responsibilities as an employee and that you know and understand the range of employer and employee statutory rights and responsibilities under Employment Law.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) captures the essential skills of: managing your self; managing your time; managing relationships with others; and managing your own learning, performance and work.

Who is an apprenticeship for?

Anyone who is employed for at least 30 hours per week in a suitable role. You will need to be doing the tasks within your job role that will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your competence.

Apprenticeships are open to all candidates who are aged 16+, whether you are just leaving school, have been working for years or are seeking to start a new career. You just need to be living in England and not taking part in full-time education.

There may be entry requirements depending on the type and level of apprenticeship you have chosen, and the industry sector. Competition for places with employers can be fierce, so you will need to show that you are committed, and aware of your responsibilities to both yourself and your employer.

How long does an apprenticeship take?

Apprenticeships take between one and four years to complete. The length of an apprenticeship varies depending on prior skills, levels of the apprentice, the qualification being obtained, and the industry sector.

Case Studies

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How much will I get paid?

While you are on an apprenticeship your employer pays you a salary and supports you whilst you undertake your training.

Most employers pay above the the national minimum hourly rate of pay for apprentices, which is set by the government at £3.90 per hour (from 01 April 2019).

GOV.UK - National Minimum Wage

Will I have to attend college?

As an employee you will be based in the workplace and will take part in both on-and-off-the-job learning. All apprentices attend an induction at the start of their apprenticeship. Attendance at Newbury College will depend on the apprenticeship you are undertaking and the Functional Skills you will need to take. We will clarify this with you at induction.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

To apply for a specific apprenticeship course, visit the 'courses' page, click on the subject area of your choice, then click on the 'apprenticeship' tab on the right hand side. Click on the 'appy now' button and complete the form. We will try to match your requirement with the vacancies we have with local employers.

You can also ask your existing employer to contact our Business Development Team to see if they can offer you an apprenticeship though us or use the Government's apprenticeship search tool.

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Find out more

We regularly hold information sessions at Newbury College about apprenticeships. Visit the News & Events section of our website for details.

If you are unable to attend but would like more information on apprenticeships, please contact us, view our apprenticeship brochure or read the GOV.UK's guide to apprenticeships.