Community Learning programmes at Newbury College are offered in the following ways

One day, Bite Size workshops
Designed as a taster or an introduction to a subject, or just as a fun one-off session.

Short, non-accredited, leisure courses
Usually delivered in short weekly sessions over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Longer, vocational courses
Usually run in 2-hour sessions over a period of 8 or more weeks and include a qualification on completion.

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When enrolling on the longer Community Learning courses, students will be given the option of undertaking a short accredited award. The award involves keeping a portfolio of work completed over the duration of the course and completing a student workbook. The award will be focused around the subject of the course, i.e. a certificate in Dressmaking.

If you decide you wish to attend a course but do not wish to undertake the award, you can still join the course and complete the first 2-3 weeks as a short, non-accredited leisure course. The fees will be adjusted depending on whether or not you take an award.

  • Adult Leisure

    Adult leisure courses at Newbury College are offered in subjects such as art, ceramics, computing, dance, dressmaking, flower arranging, languages; from beginner to advanced, photography, pottery and many more. Learners can choose from either a short, one day Bite Size session or a short or long weekly course (see above). Upon enrolment to the longer weekly courses, learners will be given the option of taking the course for leisure purposes or working towards a nationally recognised qualification. For more information on our ACL courses please call 01635 845213.

  • Keeping Active


    Keeping Active provision are courses that are delivered for the elderly, often with complex disabilities and learning needs, within residential care homes and day centres across West Berkshire. Courses are specifically designed to increase memory function, improve fine motor skills and provide therapeutic benefits. The courses are designed to meet the needs of the learner, in subjects such as Arts and Crafts, Jewellery Making, Reminiscence, Pottery, Flower Arranging, Gardening and many more.

  • Targeted Learning

    Newbury College also offer a range of targeted courses, which are designed to meet the needs of learners with complex learning difficulties and disabilities, vulnerable adults and minority groups. Courses are offered in numerous subjects, such as English, Maths, Confidence Building, Personal Financing and Budgeting, Team Work, Communication Skills, Job Skills, Interview Skills, ESOL, and often consist of a nationally recognised qualification. Targeted courses can be held in schools, community centres, village halls, hospitals, secure facilities and day centres across West Berkshire.