This aim of this workshop is for couples to learn the basic moves for their perfect romantic first dance.

Meet our students Harry Ashton

Harry Ashton

“I chose to study through Newbury College because the course offered at Kingsclere PA is really specialised. There are a good number of contact hours per week with industry professionals, so the training is relevant and of a high level. The training and skills I’ve learnt have given me the confidence to be audition ready for degree courses.”

  • Description

    Over the course of the workshop, learners will practice the basic moves, which will include steps, hold, twirl and a dip. The workshop will develop presentation, music, guidelines, simple choreography to produce a look of natural ease which will leave your guests captivated with your special first dance. Plenty of opportunity for practice, 1:1 instructions and flexibility to suit the learner's needs.

    Learning outcomes ? Demonstrate the wedding dance ? Identify the preparation needs for the presentation of the dance ? Prepare for the performance to gain confidence

    *PLEASE NOTE - The running of this course is subject to receiving sufficient enrolment numbers. Newbury College reserve the right to close, cancel or postpone a course if it has not received the minimum required enrolment number by the scheduled start date. In the case of cancellation, enrolled students will be notified approximately one week before the start date.

  • Entry Requirements

    Students will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before the first class. Failure to complete the questionnaire may result in the student not being able to participate in the class. If anyone wishes to see a copy of the questionnaire before enrolling, they may contact the Student Services team on 01635 845213 to request a copy.

  • Qualification

    This course does not lead to a formal qualification.

  • Progression

    Students can progress onto the evening Ballroom dancing for beginners' courses at Newbury College.

  • Assessment

    Students will be assessed through tutor observation, an individual learning plan and tutor/peer feedback.

  • Home Study

    This is a one day course, therefore no homework will be set.

  • Work Placement

    Students do not need to be in relevant work to undertake this course.

  • Fees and Additional Costs

    There are no additional costs associated with this course.

Code Day Start End Times Fees*
97118 202101 Saturday 06/03/2021 06/03/2021 10:00 - 13:00 £30

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Code Day Start End Times Fees*
97118 202102 Saturday 20/03/2021 20/03/2021 10:00 - 13:00 £30

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