Business Training

We have a reputation for designing and delivering tailored business management programmes including blended learning, action planning and coaching.

The team works to understand an organisation’s culture and values and analyses the skills and training requirements required to develop employees now and for the future.

The team provides support throughout the process and different training packages to suit all budgets. They can build in learning assessments and ways in which to monitor return on investment. The result? Businesses develop high performing teams with embedded organisational values and priorities.

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For more information on the Business Training Programmes available through Newbury College, please contact us on 01635 845 229 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Newbury College believes that training investment should result in sustainable long-term change. We understand that no two organisations are the same and therefore one solution will not 'fit all' requirements.


Courses and training programmes

In today's workplace, there are some training courses that employers are legally obliged to ensure their staff undertake. Newbury College works in partnership with the awarding bodies 'First Aid International' (FAI) and 'Chartered Institute of Environmental Health' (CIEH) to offer a comprehensive legal compliance training programme.

We also specialise in providing skills training solutions to businesses through our open and bespoke Management Workshop programmes.

We appreciate that training requirements are unique to each organisation and, as an alternative, we also offer on-site training delivered at your premises, to suit the needs of your business. Read how this approach worked for Happy Kids Pre-school in Newbury for its paediatric first aid training.

Our experienced team can analyse your skills and training requirements, and create a training package which directly meets your needs.

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Customised Training

In addition to the open short-course programmes, we can deliver workshops covering a range of 30+ topics at your offices, customised to meet your requirements. This offers exceptional value with a low cost per delegate.

We are happy to discuss your organisation's training and development goals.

Please call us on 01635 845 000 to discuss your requirements.

IT Skills and Training


Get your career going

Apprenticeships offer a robust approach to work-based learning by ensuring that learners acquire practical skills, experience and knowledge to meet organisational needs now and in the future, through offering both on- and off-the-job training which leads to a nationally-recognised qualification.

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